About Us

Company Profile

Renaissance Management Services prides itself on its systematic search and selection methodologies that match candidates to a job listing in mere minutes. Renaissance Management also boasts a state-of-the-art data retrieval system that identifies best possible candiates. Those with potential undergo assessment by a team of professional consultants based on factors such as aspirations, career objectives, motivations for career change and ambition, in addition to the usual aspects of salary, academic qualifications and technical expertise.

Our Philosophy

Being able to connect the right candidate with the right employer is an art and understanding human psychology and behaviour is the science behind it. At Renaissance Management Services, we have honed both the art and science of human resource management and recruitment.

We are an efficient manpower and executive sourcing company with a proven track record in bridging and fulfilling the talent gap between employers and candidates. We deliver best-fit candidates by going the extra mile to understand each client’s needs and respond by exploring creative sourcing solutions for each position offered.

  • Track Record

    We have a proven capability in delivering best-fit candidates for some of the most successful companies across various sectors.

  • Dedicated consultants

    In this age of speed where every second counts, our consultants are committed, energetic and efficient. They are prepared to go the extra mile to understand, respond, and deliver the best-fit candidates within the shortest time possible.

  • Fresh Talent

    We have the knack for identifying and cultivating a fresh talent pool by employing creative sourcing channels and ‘one stop’ solutions.